Preparations for sailing

by Adrian on March 27, 2007

Spent much time recently searching the net for UK bike dealers that still have in stock a certain type of folding bike the same as the one we bought a few months back and took to the boat. The company (Dahon) have brought out a newer model which although looks a bit nicer, is 1/2kg heavier and £200 more expensive for effectively the same bike.

Dahon Cadenza

So, I've spent ages phoning bike shops to chase up an old 2006 model. Finally found one today, bought it and arrnaged shipping to be delivered to us before we go out to the boat next week.

Although the bikes will mean a bit of clutter below decks and require a bit more creative stowage whilst at sea we hope they will give us a lot more freedom to explore the land as we tour Sardinia and the Western coast of Italy this summer. they'll also enable Jacqui do some non-running exercise.  

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