Taking her out and cleaning her bottom

by Adrian on March 9, 2007

This week we've been to Barcelona to organise some pre-season maintenance on the boat. After sitting still in the marina for six months the bottom was starting to become fouled with weed, barnacles and all manner of sea-life just loving a nice place to live.


We had three days to have the boat hauled out of the water, cleaned, a new coat of anti-foul paint applied, the rope cutter fitted to the prop and then put back into the water. By itself this wouldn't be hard, but we were very aware of being scuppered by the 'Spanish effect'.

For weeks Adrian has been getting Jacqui to confirm, stress and check the dates we had the work booked in for, to esnsure everything went smoothly and our flights and time out in Barcelona would not be wasted or unexpertedly extended.

On the alloted day we prepared the boat for the 400m motor around to the dockside. Once we'd cast off I realised the engine and prop weren't as lively as usual, which worried me a bit. It seemed to be very difficult to make progress through the water, but thankfully the wind wasn't too strong and all went well.When we saw the prop once the boat had been hauled out, it all made sense.

With the boatyard busy we left with our overnight bags to spend a couple of days in Barcelona hanging out. We toured the Gaudi park with its amazing seating areas and architecture and then one of Gaudi's houses to marvel at the modern designs.


On the friday we returned to the marina both nervous and dreading that the boat would be sitting there untouched… but luckily it was all fine and soon all the work was completed and we were back in business.


Thats Vagari cleaned for the season, lets hope she stays clean for the month until we come back to sail away from Barcelona towards Sardinia. 

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