Casting off the lines…

by Adrian 1st Jul 2014 - adventures

Well, we finally slipped the lines and left the UK. After four years of planning and two years living on the boat getting it ready to go around the world, on July 1st 2014 we slipped our lines from Portsmouth and started to head south.

leaving portsmouth for the last time

It is always meant to be a big symbolic moment, but it was quite easy as we both feel prepared and happy to get going.

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Jimmy Cornell’s Long Distance Cruising Seminar

by Jax 19th Jan 2014 - Events

The Geek and the Girl have been asked by Grand Large Yachting & Allures to participate in Jimmy Cornell’s seminar on long distance cruising which is taking place at the Cruising Association in London on March 22nd and 23rd.

The Geek and the Girl

Jimmy Cornell will be giving presentations on planning and preparations and there will also be talks from many experts on medical emergencies, weather, communications and downwind sails… We will be talking about long distance voyaging on a modern monohull with the geek focussing on technology and systems and the girl on the practicalities of making it comfortable and civilised.

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Delivery trip from Sweden to Southampton

by Adrian 20th Apr 2011 - baltic

I’m just heading west up the English Channel on day 8 of my delivery from Sweden to the Uk.

It’s been a long passage and an interesting experience into the life of a time-pressured delivery skipper. We’ve spent about 5 hours in the last 8 days on dry land. Fuel stops have been of the ‘splash and dash’ variety and we’ve been at sea almost continuously.

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Quiet in the North Sea

by Adrian 19th Apr 2011 - baltic

I’ve just completed a 3am – 6 am watch whilst sailing across the North Sea.

I’m 3 days into a 7 day delivery of a new 31′ Halberg Rassy yacht. I’m mate on board a crew of 3.

We’re currently heading south along the Danish coast towards Germany.

It’s first light now, but the past few hours have been wonderful; bright moon, steady force 4 winds, smooth seas, full sails up and hand steering.

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To Amsterdam

by Adrian 17th Nov 2010 - Holland

We have just taken off from Amsterdam airport heading home to Brighton.

We left the UK 6am Sunday morning 4 days ago on a rather special delivery trip – delivering our boat Vagari to Holland with its new owner. With only 9 hours winter daylight per day and an unknown crew of the new owner and one friend we planned short hops to Dover, across the channel to Dunkirk and then Belgium and Holland.

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