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Finally, fish for dinner?

by Jax 31st Jan 2015 - Caribbean

After weeks of fruitless fishing on our transatlantic trip we finally caught a fish – well, Adrian did.

Fish 1

Adrian is not really a fish eater, but there is something about the act of fishing that appeals to the geeky side of him (that’s pretty much all of him) and as almost everyone else on the ARC managed to catch some fish there was definitely a competitive urge to be settled.

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Movie Night

by Adrian 17th Jan 2015 - Caribbean
Thumbnail image for Movie Night

One of the things we get asked quite often from non sailors about our lifestyle and living on a boat is “what do you do about TV?”

Well, we do have a TV tuner – its a digital tuner connected to an antenna at the top of the mast that receives terrestrial TV signals from any country we’re in and streams them over Wifi to an iPad or laptop.

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Introducing the crew

by Jax 23rd Aug 2014 - liked

We are very happy to have our very able crew Katherine and Steve Jones aboard for the Lagos – Las Palmas leg.


Katherine and Steve have plans for their own circumnavigation in the future, meantime they are very happy to learn from our discoveries on this trip (our mistakes as well as our successes I imagine!).

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Autohelms and power decisions …

by Adrian 14th Aug 2014 - equipment

We’re currently at anchor in Sines and nearly around the bottom corner of Portugal.

Sines, Portugal

Next stop tomorrow is Lagos on the Algarve which is where we finish this leg of the journey south and I head back to the UK for a week before it’s back to do the next bit across to the Canaries. That’ll be fun as it’s quite different and very offshore!

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Casting off the lines…

by Adrian 1st Jul 2014 - adventures

Well, we finally slipped the lines and left the UK. After four years of planning and two years living on the boat getting it ready to go around the world, on July 1st 2014 we slipped our lines from Portsmouth and started to head south.

leaving portsmouth for the last time

It is always meant to be a big symbolic moment, but it was quite easy as we both feel prepared and happy to get going.

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Why I love the girl

by Adrian 13th Jun 2014 - living

These dates have started appearing on all our consumables…


…as Jax has embraced data collection and usage tracking to determine approximately how many of our favourite consumable supplies we’ll need to stockpile whilst preparing for our travels.

We know we’ll be able to get pretty much everything wherever we are, but we’re building up a few stores of the more favoured items.

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Cooking without gas: Induction hobs (and the art of gadget accumulation)

by Jax 23rd Oct 2013 - liked

The geek (who doesn’t control the galley, but does keep a keen eye on our energy sources – in this case how much gas is being consumed) had been thinking of investing in an induction hob for a while. And, as he tends to get restless when he hasn’t acquired a new gadget recently, it was only a matter of time…


The idea was that a small portable induction hob could be used to save gas when we have a ready supply of electricity (i.e.

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Quest for the holy grail (of pans)

by Jax 16th Oct 2013 - liked

TefalPans.pngOn our last boat most of the galley and interior was furnished in one big shop at John Lewis in Southampton (handy, good quality – everything we needed in one place from pots and pans to bedding and quite a lot in between). So, when we sold that boat almsot lock stock and barrel, I wasn’t too concerned as I thought it would be easy to nip back to John Lewis and re-stock with all of the useful things that we had before…Wrong!

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Solar Everywhere

by Adrian 22nd Mar 2013 - equipment

In this winter of projects, one that I am particularly pleased with is the upgrade of our solar power system.

Solar panels from aboveWe already had two 65 watt panels installed on the coachroof as a factory option when the boat was built, but the intention was always to install another set of high efficiency panels on top of the arch at the stern.

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Cockpit tent / conservatory

by Adrian 20th Mar 2013 - equipment

A boat extension wasn’t really planned – but that’s been one of our projects this winter.

We’ve had a number of panels made up that attach to the bimini and sprayhood to form a covered ‘room’ across the whole of the cockpit.

Inside view

Called bimini extensions or cockpit tents, these are fantastic when living aboard in colder climates and during the winter.

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