Farewell to the (southern) Caribbean

by Adrian 5th Mar 2015 - adventures

It seems strange that we’re soon to be leaving the main Caribbean islands to head west to Puerto Rico and then the Bahamas and the U.S.

We’ve worked our way north through most of the Caribbean island chain and have sailed (and motored) almost 1000 miles since arriving in December.

Caribbean Route

We’ve worked our way through the southern windward isles, epitomised by the laid back and rustic charms of Bequia and Union island.

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Dominica – the nature island

by Adrian 11th Jan 2015 - adventures
Thumbnail image for Dominica – the nature island

After leaving Bequia, we’ve sailed overnight to reach Dominica in one hop. After weeks of short day sails between islands it seemed a big thing to sail 140 miles overnight. It wasn’t, and it went fine. Sailing north is always a bit more tricky as you’re invariable tight on the wind. Fortunately the wind played ball and we were able to manage close hauled at 40-50º apparent in the open stretches between the islands in 15-20 knots of wind.

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Fond farewell as we head south

by Adrian 28th Dec 2014 - adventures

Carsten and familyToday was the sad day where we had to say goodby to Alice, Carsten, Camille and Malou – our Danish friends as we turned to head south and they headed north.

We’ve been sailing on and off with them since June, when we first met them in Portsmouth, uk. We shared some huge experiences and they have become close friends.

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Our route across

by Adrian 26th Dec 2014 - adventures

I’ve just bought this image from the Yellowbrick satellite tracker company that the ARC fleet used to track and monitor our progress.

It shows ours and everyone else’s route across the Atlantic.


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Oh bouy

by Adrian 2nd Jul 2014 - adventures

There we were, sailing south on a 30 hour overnight trip to France across the Channel heading to Aber Wrac’h in North Brittany…

channel crossing

We had a great start and settled in to a lovely 8-9 knot reach with perfect wind on our port beam. Sailing overnight was smooth and uneventful but tiring since we’re not used to the 3 hours on and 3 hours off night watches yet, but we survived and were both regaining normality and catching up with sleep.

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Casting off the lines…

by Adrian 1st Jul 2014 - adventures

Well, we finally slipped the lines and left the UK. After four years of planning and two years living on the boat getting it ready to go around the world, on July 1st 2014 we slipped our lines from Portsmouth and started to head south.

leaving portsmouth for the last time

It is always meant to be a big symbolic moment, but it was quite easy as we both feel prepared and happy to get going.

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Summing up the Summer

by Jax 6th Sep 2013 - adventures

This is a representation of the route we took this summer:


A total of 1,178 nautical miles taking in the south and South West of England, Wales, Cumbria, the briefest of flirtations with Scotland – merely kissing the South West and the Solway Firth – bouncing off the Isle of Man, before Ireland, by way of Dublin, then non-stop back to Poole harbour and finally completing the circuit back to Port Solent.

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High and dry

by Jax 28th Jul 2013 - adventures

Vagaris dried out in Padstow

For anyone who saw yesterday’s post, you might like to know that all went well. The tide went out – some helpful locals warned us we were anchored on the sand bank (thank you – we meant to anchor on the sandbank…), some other helpful people offered to tow us off the sandbank as the tide went out – no really, thank you, but we want to be on the sandbank…), the tide came in again and we floated off.

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Waiting for the tide to go out

by Adrian 27th Jul 2013 - adventures

We’re currently anchored over a sandbank just outside Padstow harbour in Cornwall. The depth is 1.3 meters and falling, and we’re waiting for the tide to go all the way out so we take the ground and dry out.

This will be the first time we’ve dried out, so it’s all a bit new. All going to plan do far…

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This is Vladimir

by Adrian 2nd Jul 2012 - adventures

This will only be of interest to sailors, but this is Vladimir Ivankiv, your best point of contact if travelling to Russia.

He officially represents yacht and cruising clubs thought Russia and is recommended by everyone from Jimmy Cornell, RCC and pilot books downwards.

He is a sailor and also a very nice man who will help with any problems and (with his helpers) will help to smooth away any bureaucratic obstacles.

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