Arrived in Sardinia

by Adrian 3rd Sep 2010 - central med

Have just arrived at the end of phase 1 – destination La Madelena islands. Only another 2100 miles to go!

Sitting in a nice little anchorage inside the national park.

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Cough and a splutter

by Adrian 2nd Sep 2010 - central med

Changed fuel and air filters this morning prior to motoring and the trip ahead.

Set off around 1300 for Sardinia. 130 miles @ 6 knots – just over 20 hrs. Anchoring in Madelena nature reserve tomorrow night.

All was going well until we cleared marina and engine died! Ok, genoa out in the bit of wind we had so we’re safe and moving away from the coast.

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Back in the water

by Adrian 1st Sep 2010 - central med

Vagari back in the water waiting for us at the Marina.

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Leaving Italy

by Adrian 5th Jun 2008 - central med

Currently sailing away from Italy across the Adriatic sea to Croatia. We feel a bit sad to be leaving the country we've sailied around for the past year – actually since Sardinia last easter.

It also feels a bit strange sailing across a sea to an unfamiliar country – but we're both looking forward to the (hopefully) abundant cruising grounds and hundreds of pituresque islands along the Dalmatian coast.

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Visit to Alberobello

by Adrian 4th Jun 2008 - central med

Woke up to drips of rain coming through the hatch at about 6.30, raindrops which were shortly followed by claps of thunder and much heavier rain. Relief that we weren't sailing today. Don't know what the 100 boats preparing to set off to Corfu in the regatta thought about it…We had planned to take the day off and do some sightseeing, and it was hardly ideal weather for that either, but we had booked and paid for a hire car for the day so we were going ahead.

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Otranto to Brindisi

by Adrian 3rd Jun 2008 - central med

Long day’s sail with really strange winds, one minute up, next down and ometimes changing direction completely for ½ hour then changing back. Both us and Amazon went through all the same routines of different sail combinations and styles. Wind was quite strong at points (25knts) so a spirited sail.

Arrived at Brindisi, our last port of call on the Italian coast before hopping over to Croatia.

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North into the Adriatic to Otranto

by Adrian 2nd Jun 2008 - central med

Another day another Sea. Left St Maria and the Ionian Sea and headed north into the Adriatic and some reasonable winds. Only problem was that as usual they were coming directly from the direction we wanted to go, so we ended up tacking our way up the coastline. After a while the wind died completely so we ended up motoring again.

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Pictures of Vagari

by Adrian 1st Jun 2008 - central med

The other great thing about sailing with another boat is that if you coordinate it you can sail together for a while to get some photos. This we did with Amazon when leaving Crotone and then again when sailing into Gallipoli. Its good to have some new action shots of Vagari sailing.

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Santa Maria de Leuca

by Adrian 1st Jun 2008 - central med

Spent the night in a pleasant little marina right at the bottom of the heel of Italy before turning the corner into the Adriatic Sea and heading north again.

Nothing much going on here, just lots of local boats with decent pontoons. Only 20 miles to the next place tomorrow so not too much of a rush to get up in the morning (although I did get up at 7.30 to go for a run).

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South from Gallipoli to the heel

by Adrian 1st Jun 2008 - central med

Spent last night in Gallipoli. A typically quaint historic town with plenty of plazas, narrow streets and castle walls. Disappointingly we weren’t able to get in any museum or historic place of interest as they all seemed closed for renovation.

I had hoped to see some of the town's history, but there was little evidence of anything to see.

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