Movie Night

by Adrian 17th Jan 2015 - Caribbean
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One of the things we get asked quite often from non sailors about our lifestyle and living on a boat is “what do you do about TV?”

Well, we do have a TV tuner – its a digital tuner connected to an antenna at the top of the mast that receives terrestrial TV signals from any country we’re in and streams them over Wifi to an iPad or laptop.

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Happy New Year 2015 – we were there…

by Adrian 1st Jan 2015 - Caribbean

In today’s Times Newspaper… (click to enlarge)

New Year's Times

We’d like to wish everyone reading this a happy new year and all the best in your life journey – whether its slinging the hook or just lazing on the sofa.

Adrian and Jacqui

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Party all the time

by Jax 19th Dec 2014 - Caribbean

Barely a day goes by on the ARC without some form of party and last night saw the ARC costume party at the St. Lucia yacht club in Rodney Bay. The theme was naughty or nice. The girl was nice the geek was naughty – go figure!
Can you see what he is yet? Clue: that’s a gun in his hand (a ‘water’ gun that just happened to be filled with pina colada!) and that’s a cereal bandolero slung across his chest.

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The Vagaris / Allures / ARC ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

by Adrian 31st Aug 2014 - Events
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We’ve just arrived in Las Palmas in preparation for crossing the Atlantic in a couple of months with World Cruising Club’s ARC Rally.

What should we do with the dinghy before packing it away? My nephew sent me the challenge from Finland by having his two young boys douse themselves in cold water. Could we do any better?

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Don’t try this at home…

by Jax 14th Mar 2014 - fun

I loved the keel walk that Alex Thomson performed two years ago.

This time he has gone the other way and executed the mast walk:
For more fantastic pictures, like the one below, see Alex Thomson Racing

See the video of the original keel walk:

Now that’s a bit more exciting than turn button catches (albeit not as useful – although if the geek could run up the mast like that whenever something needs attention it might save me some effort!).

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When Dark and Stormy is a good thing

by Jax 14th Jan 2014 - food

January, a month of New Year hangovers (physical and financial) short days, miserable weather and tax return pressure, really doesn’t seem to me the best time to give up drinking as well, aren’t we dispirited enough (pun intended)? – though if that’s what you’re doing, good on you and good luck with that!


This January, in particular, was there ever a more aptly named libation than the
‘Dark and Stormy’?

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Christmas cheer from the RNLI

by Jax 16th Dec 2013 - fun

It might be a bit late to be thinking about sending Christmas cards, but I love these clever, funny ‘Signs of the Sea’ designs by Chester based designer Nick Munro for the RNLI.


I bought them in August. If only I’d been so organised in sending them in plenty of time too!

They’re a bit difficult to read when they’re small, but if you click on them they’ll come up in a separate window and you can see them better.

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Stupid things I’ve said…

by Jax 14th Sep 2013 - fun


At the Southampton Boat Show this weekend on the Allures 45 I was showing someone around and we were talking about the configuration of the boat and then going into some details about all of the items we had on board – the generator, the washing machine, the inverter, this that and the other….when I was asked the question ‘Have you never considered a cat?’ ‘No’ I responded (without thinking) ‘…my husband’s allergic’.

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Preposterous Posing in St Petersburg

by Adrian 1st Jul 2012 - baltic

We’ve noticed a tendency for all Russian girls (in particular) to blatantly pose whenever a camera is pointed at them. The poses are very unlike dour British affectations – more model (or porn star) like…

We just found it very funny – obviously a skill learnt from a very young age…

  • posing-9

    Pose number 234 - Slight forward leg bend

  • posing-8

    Up the nose pose...

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by Adrian 5th Jun 2012 - baltic

www.running-copenhagen.dkWe’ve just returned from our running tour of Copenhagen. It was a great thing to do and our guide (Lena) was young, fit and gave us a great tour around her city and it’s history.

Parliament Buildings


The pace was steady, and we covered all the major landmarks, saw the mermaid, the royal palaces, the changing of the guard, the parks and the old and new city.

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