central med

Swimming with dolphins…

by Adrian 3rd Sep 2010 - central med

…well, almost.

After leaving Bonifacio around 1600, we stopped off at a nearby bay to put shopping away and have a little lunch before setting off again.

We were just about to get ready for a little snorkel in the water (which was a pleasant 28 deg C) when a couple of dolphins swam into and around the bay.

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Arrived in Sardinia

by Adrian 3rd Sep 2010 - central med

Have just arrived at the end of phase 1 – destination La Madelena islands. Only another 2100 miles to go!

Sitting in a nice little anchorage inside the national park.

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Cough and a splutter

by Adrian 2nd Sep 2010 - central med

Changed fuel and air filters this morning prior to motoring and the trip ahead.

Set off around 1300 for Sardinia. 130 miles @ 6 knots – just over 20 hrs. Anchoring in Madelena nature reserve tomorrow night.

All was going well until we cleared marina and engine died! Ok, genoa out in the bit of wind we had so we’re safe and moving away from the coast.

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Back in the water

by Adrian 1st Sep 2010 - central med

Vagari back in the water waiting for us at the Marina.

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Goodbye Croatia

by Adrian 29th Jul 2008 - central med

We should have know it wasn’t going to be easy.

We’ve just sailed 300miles down the whole of Croatia and have been planning our departure. 

We had to get fuel, we had to get a Greek courtesy flag and we had to time our departure so that we’d arrive in Corfu at a reasonable time of day.

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Thats enough of Croatia

by Adrian 27th Jul 2008 - central med

Big news

We’ve just turned around and started heading south as we’ve just accepted our first professional sailing positions.

I was called up yesterday by an owner who had received our CVs from UKSA’s careers department. He needed replacement crew to work with him and his wife running a large 82’ (25m) Baltic Maxi sailing yacht for the rest of the med season.

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by Adrian 24th Jul 2008 - central med

The crew of Magdalus are on constant 24 hour standby waiting for a call from their owners wanting to be picked up to come out to the boat. We were therefore ready to leave if they had to go to work suddenly.

Fortunately the owners didn’t call and we were invited to join the crew for the evening.

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Meeting up with Kelly and James

by Adrian 23rd Jul 2008 - central med

What an amazing change the last couple of days has been. We finally met up with our friends who work on the superyacht Magdalus Terzo.

For the past week we’ve been heading north up through the last few of Croatia’s islands into the notorious Velebetski Kanal. Today we had a break in the weather so headed out early from Krk harbour and motored then sailed around the Krk island into the Kanal in the lee of the huge Velebet mountains.

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Weather bound in Krk

by Adrian 22nd Jul 2008 - central med

Day in port today as continued bad weather made heading out unadvisable. Free wireless internet in harbour let us catch up with work, emails and skype calls to family and friends.

Spent time with Caroline who was crew on a large Catamaran we’d met a few times on our travels who just so happened to be in the same port.

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To Krk

by Adrian 21st Jul 2008 - central med

In two minds today whether to continue north or shay sheltered at anchor. Weather reports were mixed with the possibility of high winds.

After much deliberation we decided to push on 20 miles to the island of Krk. We had a couple of alternative destinations in case we needed a backup, so we headed off and motored into the light winds.  

The winds grew… and grew… until we were sailing in choppy seas under two reefs in 25 gusting 35 knots.

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