Hey, Mr Zamburiña man…

by Jax 14th Jul 2014 - atlantic europe

Last time I was in A Coruña (to give it its proper Galician name) I ate something called ‘zamburiñas’ without knowing – apart from them being some sort of seafood thing – what they were…whatever they were I thought they were delicious.
Zamburinas 092
In other parts of Spain, I have come across them in tins – obviously not the same experience.

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Across Biscay

by Adrian 7th Nov 2011 - Biscay

Well, here we are again, just about to head out into the bay of Biscay in November. Weather window looks fair, nothing too extreme on the way, so should be a 3 day crossing. Hopefully arrive in La Coruna Wednesday midnight.

We left Cherbourg Sunday morning first light after travelling up from Malaga Saturday and had some pretty rough seas as a northeasterly gale subsided, but it’s reasonably calm now.

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North Biscay

by Adrian 23rd Sep 2010 - atlantic europe

The end is in sight! Not literally, but less than a day away now.

I’m currently huddled on the companionway steps at 0400 keeping warm on my watch. We’re 20 miles from the north western tip of Brittany. I can see the Ushant lighthouse in the distance and presumably since we’re near UK waters it’s started to rain.

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by Adrian 21st Sep 2010 - atlantic europe

Motoring along with 11 knts of wind behind us with no sight of land for 2 days. Have seen 1 other yacht recently, otherwise pretty quiet.

After clearing Finisterre yesterday in calm conditions we thought we were very lucky – right until the morning fog descended and we couldn’t see a thing. Fortunately radar, alert crew and the fact that there was very little traffic saw us through until it lifted a couple of hours later.

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The final stage

by Adrian 8th Jun 2006 - atlantic europe

After a night’s motoring we were finally only a few hours from Bayona. We were treated to a fantastic dolphin show with a huge pod of 20-30 of them swimming alongside and around us for about 15 minutes. They loved racing the boat and jumping out of the bow wave performing acrobatics and tricks.

Just in case they liked it, we turned up the boat’s stereo and played some fast music.

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Storm in a soup cup!

by Adrian 8th Jun 2006 - atlantic europe

Our only disaster during the trip was an incident 50 miles north of Cape Finisterre at 4 in the morning during watch changeover.

Adrian was on the helm in choppy seas and Jax went below to make a cup of soup to warm us up slightly. All seemed to be going well for a few minutes, when there was an almighty crash, lots of swearing, closely followed my frantic cleaning actions.

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Rough seas down through Biscay

by Adrian 7th Jun 2006 - atlantic europe

As we crossed Biscay winds have been amazingly steady, allowing us to make very good progress with comfortable and safe sailing.

We are now 200 miles off the coast and have pure ocean all around us. Its an amazing place, completely exposed and at the behest of the elements. 

Last night we flew along in 20-25 knots of wind on our beam with full sails and a steady course.

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Entering Biscay

by Adrian 6th Jun 2006 - atlantic europe

Overnight we crossed the continental shelf where the depth went from 150m to over 4000m. On the surface the only change has been a slight deepening of the waves to a long rolling swell. Its not choppy, but the 6ft swell causes the boat to ride up and down in a surfing motion as the wave passes under us.

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Across the Channel

by Adrian 5th Jun 2006 - atlantic europe

Dawn started slowly at 4am on my watch, gradually bringing definition and contrast to distant ships and lights we'd only been able to guess at before. Unfortunately we were still motoring due to light winds so the night was not as peaceful as we'd like.



Today saw a gradual new routine build amongst the crew, with grabbing a bit of sleep and food here and there becoming quite important.

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