Boat Show TV

by Adrian 12th Oct 2012 - build

Yachting TV came along to the boat show to do a piece about the Allures 45…

Featuring Mark Ellyat from Williams and Smithells, the UK dealer and Stéphan Constance, founder of Allures Yachting.

Yachting TV said…

One of the stand out boats at this PSP Southampton Boat Show was the Allures 45. This boat is aimed at Bluewater sailors, so we decided to take a closer look.

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French Fancy – magazine article

by Adrian 16th Sep 2012 - build

I produced this article for a sailing magazine to describe the boat, its equipment and outline our experiences of the purchase process and the Allures yard.

French Fancy Article
Click here to download as PDF

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On board

by Adrian 8th Mar 2012 - build

We are now proud owners of our new 45′ 12 1/2 tonne baby… We’ve called her Vagaris (from Vagar, meaning ‘to wander’ in Latin).

The handover has gone to plan and we’ve spent 3 days unloading all our boat and living equipment from the van we took back to the UK last weekend.

We’re now boat owners again, and are onboard on a deserted commercial quay near the factory.

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by Adrian 3rd Mar 2012 - build

We went to Cherbourg yesterday for the first ‘familiarisation’ day onboard.

She is looking very fine and Jax approves of the upholstery colour




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She floats!

by Adrian 21st Feb 2012 - build

At last, after 10 months, Vagaris has finally been launched!

Unceremoniously dumped into a cold Cherbourg harbour waiting for us to arrive next week. We’ll have a naming ceremony, although I’m not sure if Jacqui will let us break a bottle on her bow and ‘waste’ good champagne…

Waiting for the tide to come inWaiting at the dock in cold Cherbourg034-IMGP1903





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Vagaris Build Process

by Adrian 15th Feb 2012 - build

The factory building process from aluminium framework to a fully launched boat.

  • 001-IMG_1842

    Aluminium Ribs

  • 002-Bottom of hull

    Bottom of hull

  • 003-On its side

    Hull on its side

  • 004-X07-Cherbourg 001

    Newly delivered shiny hull

  • 006-Inside the hull

    Jax and Remy (the designer) inside the bare hull

  • 007-Our hull being exopied

    The hull being covered with a coat of exopy

  • 008-IMG_1968

    Transom and stern anchor roller

  • 009-IMG_1974

    Underneath - showing the bowthruster

  • 010-Engine Insertion

    Start of construction - engine insertion and cable guides

  • 011-Start Wiring

    Starting the wiring

  • 012-DSC_0005_1314633070

    Forepeak bulkheads starting to go in

  • 013-DSC_0006_1314633070

    Flooring starting to be added

  • 014-DSC_0008_1314633480

    Hull insulation, pipework, waste tank etc

  • 015-DSC_0001_1315237748

    Joinery going in

  • 016-DSC_0003_1315237751

    Galley and heads being made

  • 017-DSC_0005_1315237838

    Chart table and saloon

  • 018-Interior Panorama

    Interior Panorama

  • 019-DSC_0007_1315237839

    Coachroof mouding ready to be attached

  • 020-IMG_3086

    Foredeck and hatches

  • 021-IMG_3089

    Lifting keel

  • 022-IMG_3094

    Transom, rudders and stern roller

  • 023-DSC_0015_1316785046

    Cockpit view

  • 024-IMG_3291

    Saloon almost finished

  • 025-IMG_0242

    Machine space inside technical room

  • 026-IMG_0248

    Forepeak looking aft from bunk

  • 027-Exterior View

    Exterior view in factory

  • 028-IMG_0238

    Transom and equipment arch

  • 029-IMG_0320

    Solid bowsprit and anchor

  • 030-IMG_0311

    Cockpit and arch

  • 031-IMGP8831

    Out of the yard into the open - rigging and mast installed

  • 032-IMGP1896

    Leaving the factory

  • Waiting for the tide to come in

    Waiting for the tide to come in

  • 034-IMGP1903

    In the water at last

  • Waiting at the dock in cold Cherbourg

    Waiting at the dock in cold Cherbourg

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by Adrian 14th Feb 2012 - build

Vagaris has just emerged from inside the factory…

This is actually a lorry

by Adrian 4th Jan 2012 - build

Funnily enough, this is not a car, it is in fact a lorry carrying freight.

(According to P&O at Dover)


It is a lorry because it has special stickers on the sides and back…

Only lorries are allowed to carry freight – cars can’t…

It’s is freight because it is a vehicle carrying dangerous goods

The dangerous goods have to be registered, checked and a special ‘transport of dangerous goods’ certificate has to be obtained and presented…

The item that is dangerous is a liferaft – and we all know liferafts are dangerous things to have on a boat…

… so, we’re travelling from Dover to France disguised as a lorry.

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Inside and out

by Adrian 17th Oct 2011 - build

The last time we saw the boat was 4 weeks ago now, so I would guess things are very different now.

These are the pics from then:




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Walls and an inside…

by Adrian 6th Sep 2011 - build

We haven’t looked for two weeks, so were very surprised when we saw our boat now has walls and an inside – wow! Its all coming together very quickly.

We’ve very nearly made all the major decisions – the only ones now are the upholstery material and colour and whether we buy a collapsible table so the saloon can convert into a bunk.

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