Kiel Canal Chaos

by Adrian 16th Aug 2012 - Germany

You wouldn’t have thought the Germans could be disorganised, but it was chaotic getting into the lock for the Kiel canal today.

The problem was that only one of the four locks was working, so all large commercial and small pleasure traffic had to be funnelled into the same lock.

Large container vessels and tankers have priority, so despite getting up at 6am to get into the canal early, we were still motoring around in the waiting area 3 hours later.

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Its Baltic here!

by Adrian 31st May 2012 - Germany

Today we had a short day, setting off at 1300 (just) after a slow morning (for some people), runs through lovely open countryside along the Kiel canal and a work for Adrian.

We transited the last 15 miles of the canal to the eastern lock and finally passed through into the Baltic Sea. Two minutes later it started raining – the first rain of our trip.

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Kiel Canal

by Adrian 30th May 2012 - Germany

We set off at 0900 from Cuxhaven towards the entrance locks to the Kiel Canal. On the way out of the marina we met a skipper of a German yacht called Uli who is the German representative for Allures (our boat manufacturer).

He was taking a brand new RM yacht through the canal to the Ancora boat show so wanted us to take some pictures of the yacht sailing, whilst he would take some of us.

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by Adrian 29th May 2012 - Germany

I see we have a couple of hitchhikers on board…

Last night whilst plugging on through the cold and fog we became the temporary resting place of a pair of tired swallows.

They landed precariously around 2am and stayed around until dawn. They were very jittery and kept taking off and landing every time we moved around and disturbed them.

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Overnight along the North German coast

by Adrian 29th May 2012 - Germany

Our second long overnight sail would take us out of the Ijsselmeer and back into open water along the length of the North German coast. This 180 mile trip would take us 30 hours, so a 0900 start meant we’d reach Cuxhaven (our destination) mid afternoon the next day.

Annoyingly, as soon as we headed out into the North Sea the fog rolled in and we had another day and night of thick fog, motoring and sailing along navigating on radar.

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