N Europe

Iles de Glenan

by Adrian 9th Jul 2014 - N France

We’re currently sitting in a small group of Islands 10 miles off the south Brittany coast. The sun is out and all is quite lovely.


Tomorrow we set sail across Biscay for A Coruña, Northern Spain. It’s a 300 mile offshore trip, and should take just 48 hours. The weather looks good, with nothing extreme on the horizon.

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To Concarneau

by Jax 9th Jul 2014 - N France

After sitting out two rainy days at anchor in Camaret it was more than time to move on – and having tweaked the nose of the Chenal du Four a couple of days ago, we pulled the tail of its partner in crime the Raz de Sein.


Again, with the right tides and reasonably calm weather this fearsome stretch of water didn’t cause us the problems its reputation threatens, but we’d treated both with a healthy amount of respect.

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Le Chenal du Four

by Jax 4th Jul 2014 - N France

Our need to make an unscheduled stop further east than planned meant we had a long way to go to make it round the Finisterre before the predicted south westerlies set in for a few days.

Le Four LighthouseA 90 mile day was further complicated by the need to meet the south going tide through the infamous Chenal du Four.

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Oh bouy

by Adrian 2nd Jul 2014 - adventures

There we were, sailing south on a 30 hour overnight trip to France across the Channel heading to Aber Wrac’h in North Brittany…

channel crossing

We had a great start and settled in to a lovely 8-9 knot reach with perfect wind on our port beam. Sailing overnight was smooth and uneventful but tiring since we’re not used to the 3 hours on and 3 hours off night watches yet, but we survived and were both regaining normality and catching up with sleep.

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Allures’ 10th Anniversary

by Adrian 25th Oct 2013 - Events

We weren’t the only ones celebrating a 10th anniversary this year. Last weekend we visited Cherbourg where Allures were pushing the boat out (so to speak) in honour of their 10th year in business. The evening’s theme ’10 years of Passion, 10 years of Adventure’ included a very impressive video and media show projected onto the smooth hull of a half built boat in the boatyard (á la Jean Michel Jarre).

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Icy blast in Cherbourg

by Adrian 12th Mar 2013 - N Europe

Its now a year since we took delivery of Vagaris in Cherbourg. We thought the weather was awful then, but that is nothing to now…

We’ve awoken the yacht from its winter slumber in Brighton and brought it over to factory in France to sort out a few small jobs. The trip over was pretty uneventful as we came over ahead of an extreme weather system that has now hit us and the rest of western Europe.

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Brighton and Cherbourg

by Adrian 23rd Aug 2012 - N France

After our North Sea exploits we headed to Brighton to catch up on some sleep, get a few jobs done and resupply

It’s amazing how well stocked and reasonably priced food is in UK supermarkets compared to Europe. Even Waitrose seemed cheap! In Asda we spent £100 on a seemingly huge amount of shopping that would literally have been twice as expensive in Scandinavia.

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Kiel Canal Chaos

by Adrian 16th Aug 2012 - Germany

You wouldn’t have thought the Germans could be disorganised, but it was chaotic getting into the lock for the Kiel canal today.

The problem was that only one of the four locks was working, so all large commercial and small pleasure traffic had to be funnelled into the same lock.

Large container vessels and tankers have priority, so despite getting up at 6am to get into the canal early, we were still motoring around in the waiting area 3 hours later.

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Its Baltic here!

by Adrian 31st May 2012 - Germany

Today we had a short day, setting off at 1300 (just) after a slow morning (for some people), runs through lovely open countryside along the Kiel canal and a work for Adrian.

We transited the last 15 miles of the canal to the eastern lock and finally passed through into the Baltic Sea. Two minutes later it started raining – the first rain of our trip.

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Kiel Canal

by Adrian 30th May 2012 - Germany

We set off at 0900 from Cuxhaven towards the entrance locks to the Kiel Canal. On the way out of the marina we met a skipper of a German yacht called Uli who is the German representative for Allures (our boat manufacturer).

He was taking a brand new RM yacht through the canal to the Ancora boat show so wanted us to take some pictures of the yacht sailing, whilst he would take some of us.

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