Smooth sea at night

by Adrian 5th Jul 2012 - baltic

Very calm for the first half of the night.

Smooth Sea









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From Russia with… fuel…

by Adrian 4th Jul 2012 - baltic

We’ve just set off from St Petersburg to start our trip west back to Helsinki. The weather has been great for the 5 days we’ve been here and we’ve all been able to do all the sightseeing one could wish for.

Today is sunny and calm, which gives us a bit of a break from the prevailing westerlies so we can head back to Helsinki relatively easily.

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by Adrian 4th Jul 2012 - baltic

Leaving Russia entailed completing the entry procedure in reverse – starting with visiting the customs office and then immigration.

We had arranged with Vladimir (our Russian contact/agent) that we would arrive before 8am so we could be processed before a scheduled ferry arrival.

Needless to say, we were early (having got up at 5am after another disturbed night of stupidly loud nightclub music) and the customs people were late.

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Top 10 things to do/see in St Petersburg

by Jax 4th Jul 2012 - baltic
  • Preposterous posing: Girls everywhere adopting starlet poses for photographs (this isn’t just one for the boys – it’s amusing for everyone).
  • Girls walking in vertiginous heels – yes, actually walking. Proper distances, not just kerb to cab. Mind blowing. They must have feet of rhinocerous hide to be able to do that.
  • Small dogs. Often with ridiculous hair cuts.

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by Adrian 3rd Jul 2012 - baltic

No trip to St Petersburg would be complete without a trip to Peterhof – at least that’s what it said in the guide book:

This most stunning of the tsarist palaces around St Petersburg was first built by Peter the Great; it is also known as Petrodvorets (Peter’s Palace). Over the years his successors continued to build and expand – pretty much constantly – to create the astounding ensemble seen today.

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The Hermitage Palace and Museum

by Adrian 3rd Jul 2012 - baltic

Probably the best museum in the world…

There are art galleries, there are museums, there are the great museums of the world and then there is the Hermitage. An unrivalled collection of art treasures housed in the magnificent palace from which the Romanov tsars ruled the Russian Empire, the State Hermitage will inevitably be the focus of any first visit to St Petersburg, and rightly so.

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This is Vladimir

by Adrian 2nd Jul 2012 - adventures

This will only be of interest to sailors, but this is Vladimir Ivankiv, your best point of contact if travelling to Russia.

He officially represents yacht and cruising clubs thought Russia and is recommended by everyone from Jimmy Cornell, RCC and pilot books downwards.

He is a sailor and also a very nice man who will help with any problems and (with his helpers) will help to smooth away any bureaucratic obstacles.

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Museum of Curiosities

by Adrian 1st Jul 2012 - baltic

Today we had intended to head over to Peterhof palace, but we deferred the visit due to morning rain. Instead, we visited the ‘Kunstkammer Museum of Curiosities’ in the city.

The main attraction is Peter the Great’s collection of scientific curiosities.

Based on his quest for scientific and medical knowledge, this collection contains numerous rare and unusual specimens of the time, including preserved body parts, foetuses, skeletons of conjoined twins, deformations, pickled brains, manuals of dissection and much more.

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Preposterous Posing in St Petersburg

by Adrian 1st Jul 2012 - baltic

We’ve noticed a tendency for all Russian girls (in particular) to blatantly pose whenever a camera is pointed at them. The poses are very unlike dour British affectations – more model (or porn star) like…

We just found it very funny – obviously a skill learnt from a very young age…

  • posing-9

    Pose number 234 - Slight forward leg bend

  • posing-8

    Up the nose pose...

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by Adrian 30th Jun 2012 - baltic

The nearest metro station is 20 minutes walk away from Krestovskiy marina, so in 3/4 hour we can be in the centre of the city.

The metro is a real experience. It is very clean, punctual and costs about 25p for any journey.  Buy tokens from the kiosk – we found the digital method of communicating in Russian worked well here (hold your fingers up to indicate how many tokens you want to buy).

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