Hanko to Karlslund Sweden

by Adrian 16th Jul 2012 - baltic

A long and uncomfortable night sail took us away from Finland back to the Swedish archipelago. We had hoped for slightly more south in the wind, but instead had 12 knots on the nose for most of the journey. This was not quite sufficient to sail through the short choppy sea, so we motor-sailed most of the distance.

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Starting the trip back

by Adrian 13th Jul 2012 - baltic

After everyone left, Hanna showed us where to pick Chanterelles and took us to visit her brother’s house on a neighbouring island where his family were spending their summer, and where we were treated to coffee and cake.

A huge thank you to all of our very generous hosts. We feel very privileged to have spent time on your island and had a truly Finnish experience.

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Family goodbye

by Adrian 13th Jul 2012 - baltic

Today we said goodbye to the family. The weather at the cottage has been up and down, so since it didn’t look like improving everyone packed up, tidied up and headed off back to Helsinki.

Leaving for Helsinki

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Pizza night

by Adrian 12th Jul 2012 - baltic

These Finnish cottages are very well designed. They are built around a large central bricked area housing two or more chimneys and ovens on each side. Hanna’s sister’s house is exceptional in that it has a fantastic wood burning bread (or pizza) oven.

It took 3 or 4 hours and 15 or more large logs to get enough embers and heat to get it going, but it was a perfect
oven and perfectly cooked Thumas’s excellent home made thin crust pizzas.

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This is Finland

by Adrian 11th Jul 2012 - baltic

It is hard to describe the Finnish islands – theres just so many of them and such a variety.

This picture almost does it – vast and unspoilt.

We stumbled across a little rocky bay on a walk – with an amazing quintessential view…

This is Finland

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by Adrian 10th Jul 2012 - baltic

Our last few days in Finland have been spent in traditional Finnish style at a lovely cabin on a remote island. We met back up with the family at an island 10 miles from the mainland which belongs to some Finnish friends of theirs – Thumas and Nina, and Thumas’ Mum Hanna.

The island had 3 large log cabins and is accessed only by boat (or by skis in the winter).

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by Jax 23rd Jun 2012 - baltic

Mosquitos were everywhere in the countryside – so extreme measures were called for…

Still able to drink though

Still able to drink though…

Always a target for mosquitoes I will happily try anything to keep them at bay. Once on a trip to India I used a DEET repellent so strong that it melted the plastic ring I was wearing. It seemed to work, but I’m not sure at what cost to my skin.

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Midsummer at the cottage

by Adrian 23rd Jun 2012 - baltic

We arrived in Helsinki a few days ago and had the weekend off the boat, staying with my nephew and his Finish family. The midsummer weekend was a typically drunken affair, we stayed in their country cottage and celebrated with saunas, vodka and plenty of good food.

BBQ at the cottage

Suvi’s father prepared a traditional midsummer bonfire, which was very impressive.

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Midnight stroll

by Adrian 22nd Jun 2012 - baltic

More amazing night-time light in Helsinki. This was taken just after midnight!

Midnight in Helsinki

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by Adrian 22nd Jun 2012 - baltic

Our eventual arrival in Helsinki was a milestone. We have reached our destination, so a celebratory drink was called for.

Destination reached - Helsinki

We’ve only been here in the winter before, so everything looks very different without the snow.

Helsinki City Marina and Orthodox Church


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