Goosewing with the cruising chute

by Adrian 15th Aug 2012 - baltic

A GoPro moment

Goosewing with the Cruising chute

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Sometimes it’s the little things that make your day

by Jax 20th Jul 2012 - liked

Sometimes it really is the little things in life that make your (well, my) day. Happy coincidence – look my socks match the lining of my new boat shoes!
Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.

Matching Stripes

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10 words of Swedish

by Jax 20th Jul 2012 - Sweden

Whenever we visit a new country I always try to learn 10 words of the language. It just seems polite to be able to say ‘Hello’, ‘Excuse me’, ‘Please’, ‘Thank you’ – even if the natives wouldn’t normally use those words (Russia, Spain).

Welcome to visitors from Yorkshire?
“Ej upp” not a Swedish greeting to visitors from Yorkshire, but a helpful sign telling you this side “Not up”.

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by Adrian 19th Jul 2012 - baltic

This is what it about.

Sailing at 8 knots through the water in just over 11 knots of true wind.


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Swing bridge near Karlskrona

by Adrian 19th Jul 2012 - baltic

When leaving Karlskrona we passed through a small swing bridge.

Unforgivably, it was 2 minutes late opening! Swedish inefficiencies!


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Pushing onwards

by Adrian 19th Jul 2012 - baltic

After 36 hours sailing yesterday and with the prospect of motor-sailing another night into SW headwinds and a choppy sea we decided to divert to a quiet anchorage for the night to get some decent rest.

We are pushing on as we have flights back to the UK from Copenhagen in a week’s time and need to get at least somewhere close so we can leave the boat safely and travel to the airport.

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Karlslund to Karlskrona

by Adrian 18th Jul 2012 - baltic

We’ve just arrived in Karlskrona, on the south coast of Sweden.

We travelled all the way from the northern archipelagos 256 miles south. We decided to do it all in one go because of the impending weather – this being the only time we could easily make any distance south for the next week or so.

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Windy winding downwind

by Adrian 14th Jun 2012 - baltic

Very unique and special sailing today.

We’ve been winding through hundreds of small islands in the Stockholm archipelago (skarsgard) on our way north out of the country.

The wind was from the south so we had sone fantastic downwind sailing with the sails goosewinged either side.

This boat is amazing on this point of sail and holds the course very easily.

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Swedish prices

by Adrian 14th Jun 2012 - baltic

Our day trip to Stockholm started with us getting fleeced! Opposite the bus stop there was a lovely looking deli, with fresh fruit and vegetables and all kinds of wonderful produce.

Tempted as we were, we bought:

6 sticks of rhubarb
3 apples
1 nectarine
1 small bunch of beet root

Price – £14

Nice shop shame about the prices

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by Adrian 14th Jun 2012 - baltic

We caught a bus then a train into Stockholm, arriving in the city centre around 11am.

Gamla Stan (old town) Stockholm

The next hour or so was spent finding a chandlery (always first on the list even in exotic locations!). All the walking made us hungry so we stopped for lunch in a pleasant looking square. The girl fancied a restaurant busy with locals, but the menu was too fishy for the geek so we moved on to the next place, where the waitress recommended a dish of smoked salmon and prawns which sounded good to the girl.

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