Watch Out UK!

by Adrian 4th Sep 2011 - weather

This looks like it is heading over to the UK…

Hurricane Katia


Looks like it may be arriving around the same time as I’m meant to!

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Storm cloud

by Adrian 10th Sep 2010 - S Spain

Great photo of a squally storm cloud.

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Squalls and storms.

by Adrian 7th Sep 2007 - central med

Phew, that was quite a sail. The weather forecast was for a NW force 5 which would have been ideal for a brisk trip. Instead we had slow winds to start then SW force 4-5 which was very plesant.

The only problem was we were being followed south by a large thunderstorm that started off oven Naples and proceeded to track south behind us.

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Gales and more gales

by Adrian 24th May 2006 - destinations

We're having bit of a bad time with the weather at the moment – we're trying to get along the south coast to Plymouth before next week but are being beaten back (literally) by huge gales and rough seas. In Yarmouth (IoW) tonight having failed to make it through out on the north channel by the needles in F8 (36kn winds).

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