Tropical Weather and Downpours

by Adrian 14th Jan 2015 - Caribbean

We all know the tropics are hot, but with that heat comes convection, with convection comes rising moisture, with rising moisture comes clouds and with clouds comes rain…

Lots of it, but usually only in short squally bouts.

DownpourWe’ve slowly become accustomed to this pattern. It can be baking hot, then suddenly you get an increase in wind, followed a minute later by a huge downpour that lasts from 30 seconds to a couple of minutes.

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Weather Forecasts at Sea – Atlantic

by Adrian 17th Nov 2014 - Caribbean

After a few days at sea on an ocean crossing, any weather forecast we take with us becomes too old to be of any use. During the crossing we are out of range from all normal communications, so have two ways to receive vital weather information:

SSB is short wave marine radio. We have a good SSB setup on our boat, and can talk to other crews on other boats across vast distances (up to thousands of miles) if the conditions are right and receive small emails containing basic weather reports, computer generated SSBGRIB files predicting wind and pressure systems and synoptic weather faxes.

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The rain in Spain…

by Adrian 8th Aug 2014 - places

We are sitting in a peaceful anchorage in the Ría de Muros, the northernmost of the Rías Baixas, just a short distance off a beautiful beach in only a few metres of clear water….the only thing wrong with this picture perfect scenario is that the view of the beach is obscured by a heavy curtain of rain and we are confined to below decks listening to the sound of the rain drumming down on the coach roof


The rain in Spain, it would appear, falls mostly on Galicia.

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Fortuitous forecasting…

by Jax 25th Mar 2014 - liked

setsail One of the informative talks we heard this weekend was an introduction into offshore weather interpretation and forecasting by Mike Broughton of Winning Wind. It was very interesting, but left me wondering exactly how we would manage without having an expert weather router backing us up, or the satellite capability to download up to date information from multiple sources (not going to happen – this exceeds even the geek’s flexible budget for life improving technologies).

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by Adrian 8th Mar 2014 - liked

A visualisation of global weather conditions updated every three hours.

This beautiful weather map shows live wind, pressure, humidity, temperature and ocean current systems around the globe. It pulls in GRIB data from the Global Forecast System and creates a real time predicted view of the earth’s weather.

Not only really interesting, but beautifully designed.


The map is fully interactive and zoomable.

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Hey Jude….

by Jax 29th Oct 2013 - liked

Well, despite us not getting very much sleep Vagaris survived the St. Jude storm unscathed…

Brighton Marina Breakwater 
In preparation, we doubled up the spring lines to make the boat more secure. As we hadn’t yet found a time to take the sails off for winter we furled the sheets a couple of turns around both the genoa and stay sail and put sail ties around both foresails to keep them from coming undone and flogging.

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They think it’s going to be a little bit windy…

by Jax 26th Oct 2013 - England

It makes a pretty picture at the moment, but it looks like it’s going to be a bit hairy out there in the English Channel Sunday night/Monday morning. Oct_28_Weather.png With the media talking about amber warnings and winds of up to 80mph, and today’s outlook on the inshore weather forecast predicting winds increasing severe gale 9 to violent storm 11 for a time, it sounds like it’s time to batten down the hatches, or rather check your lines and sit tight.

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Icy blast in Cherbourg

by Adrian 12th Mar 2013 - N Europe

Its now a year since we took delivery of Vagaris in Cherbourg. We thought the weather was awful then, but that is nothing to now…

We’ve awoken the yacht from its winter slumber in Brighton and brought it over to factory in France to sort out a few small jobs. The trip over was pretty uneventful as we came over ahead of an extreme weather system that has now hit us and the rest of western Europe.

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65 Knots in Brighton Marina

by Adrian 21st Nov 2012 - weather

We had a violent front pass over us today in the marina. It went from calm to three hours of 40 knot continuous winds with 65 knot gusts.

It’s not often we heel over in a marina berth!


…the forecast for tomorrow is much the same – force 9 and above. Glad we’re not sailing!

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by Adrian 20th May 2012 - sailing

Well, we are now thinking about setting off, so what happens… yes the weather turns to the North and gives us easterlies for the next week.

It just proves that old sailing adage – the wind is always on your nose, whichever direction you are going…

Starting Weather

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