Antigua and Island Diversity

by Adrian 20th Jan 2015 - Caribbean
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The most unexpected thing about the Caribbean islands for me has been the diversity and differences between them.

This is an amazing cruising ground, where every day with a 20 or 30 mile sail you can be in a different country with a totally unique feel and character.

Antigua is a bit like Hamble, Cowes or Gibraltar – it’s a place with deep nautical history that is on most sailors’ destination list.

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Fond farewell as we head south

by Adrian 28th Dec 2014 - adventures

Carsten and familyToday was the sad day where we had to say goodby to Alice, Carsten, Camille and Malou – our Danish friends as we turned to head south and they headed north.

We’ve been sailing on and off with them since June, when we first met them in Portsmouth, uk. We shared some huge experiences and they have become close friends.

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Party all the time

by Jax 19th Dec 2014 - Caribbean

Barely a day goes by on the ARC without some form of party and last night saw the ARC costume party at the St. Lucia yacht club in Rodney Bay. The theme was naughty or nice. The girl was nice the geek was naughty – go figure!
Can you see what he is yet? Clue: that’s a gun in his hand (a ‘water’ gun that just happened to be filled with pina colada!) and that’s a cereal bandolero slung across his chest.

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TTFN to our crew…

by Jax 2nd Sep 2014 - equipment

Last night we said ‘hasta la vista’ to our crew, but not before Steve the expert diver volunteered (was coerced?!) into donning Adrian’s wetsuit (which I think he’s had since he was at college!) and jumping into the marina to have a quick look under the boat.

ScubaSteve 3

The point of this exercise was to check the hull was clean which it should be if the ultrasonic anti-fouling is being effective.

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Introducing the crew

by Jax 23rd Aug 2014 - liked

We are very happy to have our very able crew Katherine and Steve Jones aboard for the Lagos – Las Palmas leg.


Katherine and Steve have plans for their own circumnavigation in the future, meantime they are very happy to learn from our discoveries on this trip (our mistakes as well as our successes I imagine!).

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Lovely Lagos

by Jax 20th Aug 2014 - liked

It might be the miles of long sandy beach, it might be the weather – beautifully warm, but not stifling, it might be the wealth of cocktails on offer, it might be the delicious fish and seafood, it might just be the friendly, well run marina….whatever the highlight, it’s always enjoyable to visit Lagos.


On our first night in town on this visit we popped out for dinner and a few drinks.

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Don’t try this at home…

by Jax 14th Mar 2014 - fun

I loved the keel walk that Alex Thomson performed two years ago.

This time he has gone the other way and executed the mast walk:
For more fantastic pictures, like the one below, see Alex Thomson Racing

See the video of the original keel walk:

Now that’s a bit more exciting than turn button catches (albeit not as useful – although if the geek could run up the mast like that whenever something needs attention it might save me some effort!).

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Jimmy Cornell’s Long Distance Cruising Seminar

by Jax 19th Jan 2014 - Events

The Geek and the Girl have been asked by Grand Large Yachting & Allures to participate in Jimmy Cornell’s seminar on long distance cruising which is taking place at the Cruising Association in London on March 22nd and 23rd.

The Geek and the Girl

Jimmy Cornell will be giving presentations on planning and preparations and there will also be talks from many experts on medical emergencies, weather, communications and downwind sails… We will be talking about long distance voyaging on a modern monohull with the geek focussing on technology and systems and the girl on the practicalities of making it comfortable and civilised.

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This is Vladimir

by Adrian 2nd Jul 2012 - adventures

This will only be of interest to sailors, but this is Vladimir Ivankiv, your best point of contact if travelling to Russia.

He officially represents yacht and cruising clubs thought Russia and is recommended by everyone from Jimmy Cornell, RCC and pilot books downwards.

He is a sailor and also a very nice man who will help with any problems and (with his helpers) will help to smooth away any bureaucratic obstacles.

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Preposterous Posing in St Petersburg

by Adrian 1st Jul 2012 - baltic

We’ve noticed a tendency for all Russian girls (in particular) to blatantly pose whenever a camera is pointed at them. The poses are very unlike dour British affectations – more model (or porn star) like…

We just found it very funny – obviously a skill learnt from a very young age…

  • posing-9

    Pose number 234 - Slight forward leg bend

  • posing-8

    Up the nose pose...

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