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The rain in Spain…

by Adrian 8th Aug 2014 - places

We are sitting in a peaceful anchorage in the Ría de Muros, the northernmost of the Rías Baixas, just a short distance off a beautiful beach in only a few metres of clear water….the only thing wrong with this picture perfect scenario is that the view of the beach is obscured by a heavy curtain of rain and we are confined to below decks listening to the sound of the rain drumming down on the coach roof


The rain in Spain, it would appear, falls mostly on Galicia.

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Hey, Mr Zamburiña man…

by Jax 14th Jul 2014 - atlantic europe

Last time I was in A Coruña (to give it its proper Galician name) I ate something called ‘zamburiñas’ without knowing – apart from them being some sort of seafood thing – what they were…whatever they were I thought they were delicious.
Zamburinas 092
In other parts of Spain, I have come across them in tins – obviously not the same experience.

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Across Biscay to Spanish shores

by Jax 12th Jul 2014 - liked

As the geek already mentioned the Îles de Glénan was our last stop in Brittany. According to the pilot book they are “as close to the Caribbean as you can get in south Brittany…” I’m not sure how much competition there is for that title, but I’m hoping that the water in the Caribbean will be a little warmer than 20°C…

Glenan Beach

The Îles de Glénan if you don’t know are also home to the renown French sailing school of the same name which: interesting fact no.2 from the pilot book, was founded by two former members of the resistance.

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La Coruña

by Jax 29th Nov 2011 - atlantic europe

San Sebastian, I was expecting to be a fantastic foodie experience, but ending up in La Coruña for a few days turned out to be a very pleasant gastronomic surprise.20111129-221802.jpg

I had found some very good recommendations for what and where to eat in various blogs on San Sebastian (thanks ThePleasureMonger) San Sebastian  but such tips for La Coruña were harder to come across.

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by Adrian 20th Sep 2010 - atlantic europe

Bayona Yacht Club. Just about to set off. Next stop Plymouth.

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