Antigua and Island Diversity

by Adrian 20th Jan 2015 - Caribbean
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The most unexpected thing about the Caribbean islands for me has been the diversity and differences between them.

This is an amazing cruising ground, where every day with a 20 or 30 mile sail you can be in a different country with a totally unique feel and character.

Antigua is a bit like Hamble, Cowes or Gibraltar – it’s a place with deep nautical history that is on most sailors’ destination list.

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Movie Night

by Adrian 17th Jan 2015 - Caribbean
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One of the things we get asked quite often from non sailors about our lifestyle and living on a boat is “what do you do about TV?”

Well, we do have a TV tuner – its a digital tuner connected to an antenna at the top of the mast that receives terrestrial TV signals from any country we’re in and streams them over Wifi to an iPad or laptop.

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Tropical Weather and Downpours

by Adrian 14th Jan 2015 - Caribbean

We all know the tropics are hot, but with that heat comes convection, with convection comes rising moisture, with rising moisture comes clouds and with clouds comes rain…

Lots of it, but usually only in short squally bouts.

DownpourWe’ve slowly become accustomed to this pattern. It can be baking hot, then suddenly you get an increase in wind, followed a minute later by a huge downpour that lasts from 30 seconds to a couple of minutes.

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Dominica – the nature island

by Adrian 11th Jan 2015 - adventures
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After leaving Bequia, we’ve sailed overnight to reach Dominica in one hop. After weeks of short day sails between islands it seemed a big thing to sail 140 miles overnight. It wasn’t, and it went fine. Sailing north is always a bit more tricky as you’re invariable tight on the wind. Fortunately the wind played ball and we were able to manage close hauled at 40-50º apparent in the open stretches between the islands in 15-20 knots of wind.

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Tobago Cays

by Adrian 5th Jan 2015 - Caribbean

We’ve arrived in the Tobago Cays. This small set of islands is surrounded by a huge horseshoe shaped reef which protects it from the huge force of the Atlantic swell.


The reefs protect yachts from the waves, but the wind blows unabated. The last few days has seen a consistent 20-25 knots of trade wind, so the prime anchorages to the windward side of the islands were very gusty and very uncomfortable.

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Caribbean sailing and intra-island passages

by Adrian 2nd Jan 2015 - Caribbean

We’re starting to get used to sailing around the Caribbean.

Vagaris Bequia 2

The wind never (hardly) changes speed or direction. Not surprising really, considering it’s the same easterly trade wind that pushed us 3000 miles across the ocean. Its just weird for us european and med sailors where the wind direction and conditions can change daily. It just doesn’t change here (caveat – much).

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Happy New Year 2015 – we were there…

by Adrian 1st Jan 2015 - Caribbean

In today’s Times Newspaper… (click to enlarge)

New Year's Times

We’d like to wish everyone reading this a happy new year and all the best in your life journey – whether its slinging the hook or just lazing on the sofa.

Adrian and Jacqui

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Mustique New Year

by Adrian 31st Dec 2014 - Caribbean

We’ve just arrived in Mustique for New Year. It’s a large private island used for holiday homes for the rich and famous. Unless you’re a resident you’re not even allowed to walk around apart from the main strip with the 4 shops in case you disturb the Hillfighers, Jaggers or the Pitts.

The anchorage is very busy.

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Waking up in the shadow of the Pitons

by Adrian 30th Dec 2014 - Caribbean

Our first stop whilst heading south was the bay between the St Lucis’s Piton mountains.


These towering volcanic spires rise out of the sea into the tropical rainforest and are the iconic symbol of St Lucia. The Gros Piton is 771 metres (2,530 ft) high, and the Petit Piton is 743 metres (2,438 ft) high. They are linked by the Piton Mitan ridge.

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Merry Christmas and Thank You

by Adrian 21st Dec 2014 - Caribbean

With the ARC officially over and Vagaris back to a crew of two we are looking forward to taking it easy and cruising the Caribbean at our own pace with fewer parties and not so many rum punch induced hangovers, but before then we have Christmas and New Year to consider.
We would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas – no cards this year, can’t imagine why – and we would also like to thank you all very much for all of your messages and emails during the crossing and when we arrived.

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