Finally, fish for dinner?

by Jax 31st Jan 2015 - Caribbean

After weeks of fruitless fishing on our transatlantic trip we finally caught a fish – well, Adrian did.

Fish 1

Adrian is not really a fish eater, but there is something about the act of fishing that appeals to the geeky side of him (that’s pretty much all of him) and as almost everyone else on the ARC managed to catch some fish there was definitely a competitive urge to be settled.

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Fruit & Veg

by Jax 18th Dec 2014 - Caribbean

During our passage we ate very well, as food was quite important for morale and keeping us busy. Despite buying seemingly huge amounts of fresh fruit and vegetables (100 satsumas, 90 apples etc) we went through most of it.

Before and after photos of fruit and veg supplies…

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Fruit and veg

by Adrian 21st Nov 2014 - food

Jax has been shopping every day for a week. Today our fruit and veg arrived. Each item had to be washed and dried, then will be individually wrapped before being stored in our new fruit nets hanging in the technical room.




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Too easy

by Jax 5th Sep 2014 - food
Thumbnail image for Too easy

Here’s one of the recipes from last weeks crossing:

When people are impressed with the food that you make for them you don’t really want to let them in on the fact that it was actually a doodle to make as they will discover just what a lazy fraud you are…However, as the recipe in question is not exactly a big secret, I guess it’s only fair to share.

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Hey, Mr Zamburiña man…

by Jax 14th Jul 2014 - atlantic europe

Last time I was in A Coruña (to give it its proper Galician name) I ate something called ‘zamburiñas’ without knowing – apart from them being some sort of seafood thing – what they were…whatever they were I thought they were delicious.
Zamburinas 092
In other parts of Spain, I have come across them in tins – obviously not the same experience.

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When Dark and Stormy is a good thing

by Jax 14th Jan 2014 - food

January, a month of New Year hangovers (physical and financial) short days, miserable weather and tax return pressure, really doesn’t seem to me the best time to give up drinking as well, aren’t we dispirited enough (pun intended)? – though if that’s what you’re doing, good on you and good luck with that!


This January, in particular, was there ever a more aptly named libation than the
‘Dark and Stormy’?

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A simple supper

by Jax 6th Nov 2013 - food

Balmy days of summer salads and beach barbecues are a dim and distant memory. This stormy weather (40 knot winds and driving rain seems to be the norm) is making me want comfort food.simple supper

It’s a bonus when you can produce a quick meal without too much effort (especially when you’ve spent the afternoon chasing your hat around the marina with a boat hook….!).

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Space saving girl gadget

by Jax 18th Jan 2013 - food

I got a hand blender for Christmas. Who says romance is dead? I also got a lovely hat, which I left on the bus – gutted. I don’t deserve nice presents. Actually, I was pretty excited to get a hand blender.

Hand Blender2It doesn’t take up much space, and also has a whisk attachment. So it fulfills that boatie requirement of having more than one use.

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A few of my favourite things

by Jax 29th Nov 2012 - food

Forget raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens…lemongrass on coriander and chilli on garlic – they might not rhyme, but these are definitely a few of my favourite things.

A few of my favourite things
As long as you can source the ingredients that is. Although you may lose a little of the flavour, I have had some success making this Nigel Slater recipe for a lipsmackingly tasty aromatic thai style noodle soup with dried alternatives, but fresh is best if available.

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The modern recipe collection (geek approved)

by Jax 24th Oct 2012 - food

I used to tear pages out of magazines with recipes I fancied making, or even ones I didn’t that just looked delicious or inspirational.
This habit resulted in a ridiculously high pile of scraps of paper that was completely user unfriendly as I could never remember what I’d saved and if I could then I couldn’t find it (well, at least not without searching for an hour or two).

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