The Vagaris / Allures / ARC ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

by Adrian 31st Aug 2014 - Events
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We’ve just arrived in Las Palmas in preparation for crossing the Atlantic in a couple of months with World Cruising Club’s ARC Rally.

What should we do with the dinghy before packing it away? My nephew sent me the challenge from Finland by having his two young boys douse themselves in cold water. Could we do any better?

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Don’t try this at home…

by Jax 14th Mar 2014 - fun

I loved the keel walk that Alex Thomson performed two years ago.

This time he has gone the other way and executed the mast walk:
For more fantastic pictures, like the one below, see Alex Thomson Racing

See the video of the original keel walk:

Now that’s a bit more exciting than turn button catches (albeit not as useful – although if the geek could run up the mast like that whenever something needs attention it might save me some effort!).

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Icy blast in Cherbourg

by Adrian 12th Mar 2013 - N Europe

Its now a year since we took delivery of Vagaris in Cherbourg. We thought the weather was awful then, but that is nothing to now…

We’ve awoken the yacht from its winter slumber in Brighton and brought it over to factory in France to sort out a few small jobs. The trip over was pretty uneventful as we came over ahead of an extreme weather system that has now hit us and the rest of western Europe.

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Simrad GoFree – iPad connectivity and more

by Adrian 13th Nov 2012 - equipment

GoFreeLogo.gifNavico (Simrad, B&G and Lowrance) have just released the latest addition to their chartplotters and marine electronics systems. They have released a wireless connectivity module and a firmware update for their NSS range of chartplotters to allow them to pair with and be controlled by apps on iPads, iPhones and other devices.

It works across a wifi network – either via Simrad’s own WiFi access point box called the WiFi-1 or by any existing router and onboard wifi.

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Yachting Monthly review

by Adrian 15th Oct 2012 - details

A few weeks ago Yachting Monthly journalist Chris Beeson and photographer Graham Snook visited us in Cherbourg to conduct a boat test and review. They intended to sail back to the UK with us but there wasn’t enough wind, so they familiarised themselves with the boat, took their videos and photos, enjoyed some good French food and and stayed on board for the night.

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The best marine cookers?

by Jax 14th Oct 2012 - equipment

As Tom Cunliffe bemoaned in his Yachting Monthly column, September 2012: “Why can’t I find a decent boat cooker?”

Cooking on a boat can be challenging enough, but many inefficient marine cookers render the experience more difficult. All too often the choice of temperature is ‘hot’ or ‘not hot’. Food will be burnt on one side and not cooked on the other.

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Boat Show TV

by Adrian 12th Oct 2012 - build

Yachting TV came along to the boat show to do a piece about the Allures 45…

Featuring Mark Ellyat from Williams and Smithells, the UK dealer and Stéphan Constance, founder of Allures Yachting.

Yachting TV said…

One of the stand out boats at this PSP Southampton Boat Show was the Allures 45. This boat is aimed at Bluewater sailors, so we decided to take a closer look.

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Towards Brighton

by Adrian 26th Sep 2012 - details

We had a cracking sail today on the way back from Portsmouth towards Brighton.

Squally rain and winds all day made for frequent genny reefing and unreefing.

Averaging over 7 knots through the water and 8-9 knots over the ground at 40-50° apparent in 15-22 knots of true wind. 1 reef in the main and one occasional turn around the genoa.

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Karlslund to Karlskrona

by Adrian 18th Jul 2012 - baltic

We’ve just arrived in Karlskrona, on the south coast of Sweden.

We travelled all the way from the northern archipelagos 256 miles south. We decided to do it all in one go because of the impending weather – this being the only time we could easily make any distance south for the next week or so.

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From Russia with… fuel…

by Adrian 4th Jul 2012 - baltic

We’ve just set off from St Petersburg to start our trip west back to Helsinki. The weather has been great for the 5 days we’ve been here and we’ve all been able to do all the sightseeing one could wish for.

Today is sunny and calm, which gives us a bit of a break from the prevailing westerlies so we can head back to Helsinki relatively easily.

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