Happy New Year 2015 – we were there…

by Adrian 1st Jan 2015 - Caribbean

In today’s Times Newspaper… (click to enlarge)

New Year's Times

We’d like to wish everyone reading this a happy new year and all the best in your life journey – whether its slinging the hook or just lazing on the sofa.

Adrian and Jacqui

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Merry Christmas and Thank You

by Adrian 21st Dec 2014 - Caribbean

With the ARC officially over and Vagaris back to a crew of two we are looking forward to taking it easy and cruising the Caribbean at our own pace with fewer parties and not so many rum punch induced hangovers, but before then we have Christmas and New Year to consider.
We would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas – no cards this year, can’t imagine why – and we would also like to thank you all very much for all of your messages and emails during the crossing and when we arrived.

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Party all the time

by Jax 19th Dec 2014 - Caribbean

Barely a day goes by on the ARC without some form of party and last night saw the ARC costume party at the St. Lucia yacht club in Rodney Bay. The theme was naughty or nice. The girl was nice the geek was naughty – go figure!
Can you see what he is yet? Clue: that’s a gun in his hand (a ‘water’ gun that just happened to be filled with pina colada!) and that’s a cereal bandolero slung across his chest.

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It’s Christmas!!!

by Jax 19th Dec 2014 - Caribbean

XmasDecorations 1Unsurprisingly there hasn’t really been any time to think of anything other than crossing the Atlantic, and all that it entails. Since we arrived we’ve been busy catching up with friends and enjoying the ARC activities (social drinking mostly), but as Christmas is rapidly sneaking up on us, I did find a few spare moments to dig out the decorations yesterday.

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The Vagaris / Allures / ARC ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

by Adrian 31st Aug 2014 - Events
Thumbnail image for The Vagaris / Allures / ARC ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

We’ve just arrived in Las Palmas in preparation for crossing the Atlantic in a couple of months with World Cruising Club’s ARC Rally.

What should we do with the dinghy before packing it away? My nephew sent me the challenge from Finland by having his two young boys douse themselves in cold water. Could we do any better?

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In the right place at the right time

by Jax 5th Jun 2014 - England

Arrows 1 090They say life is what happens while you’re busy making plans…well, if we weren’t so busy thinking about all of the things that we need to do before the boat leaves the UK, I might be able to pay attention to more of the things that are going on around us…and then when the Red Arrows scream overhead it wouldn’t take me by surprise.

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In all weathers…

by Jax 15th Feb 2014 - England

Maybe it’s not the right time of the year (or maybe it’s just not the right year!) for an Open-Air exhibition of photography, but if you happen to be in central London with any time to spare don’t let the elements put you off.

RNLI 1 001

Viewing this display of pictures in inclement weather only serves to highlight just what it is that the RNLI do.

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Jimmy Cornell’s Long Distance Cruising Seminar

by Jax 19th Jan 2014 - Events

The Geek and the Girl have been asked by Grand Large Yachting & Allures to participate in Jimmy Cornell’s seminar on long distance cruising which is taking place at the Cruising Association in London on March 22nd and 23rd.

The Geek and the Girl

Jimmy Cornell will be giving presentations on planning and preparations and there will also be talks from many experts on medical emergencies, weather, communications and downwind sails… We will be talking about long distance voyaging on a modern monohull with the geek focussing on technology and systems and the girl on the practicalities of making it comfortable and civilised.

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Allures’ 10th Anniversary

by Adrian 25th Oct 2013 - Events

We weren’t the only ones celebrating a 10th anniversary this year. Last weekend we visited Cherbourg where Allures were pushing the boat out (so to speak) in honour of their 10th year in business. The evening’s theme ’10 years of Passion, 10 years of Adventure’ included a very impressive video and media show projected onto the smooth hull of a half built boat in the boatyard (á la Jean Michel Jarre).

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Its funny how things start…

by Adrian 26th Oct 2012 - Events

I’ve been reading recently (or rather listening on audiobook whilst driving up and down to the office I’m currently working at) to the Steve Jobs biography.

This may be showing my age, but it brought back poignant memories when the book described the amateur computer clubs, hackers conventions and west coast counter-culture that spawned silicon valley in the late 70’s and early 80’s.

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