S Spain


by Adrian 11th Sep 2010 - S Spain

We’ve now been at sea for just over 2 1/2 days continuing westwards on our race to southwest Portugal.

We have a weather window created by a little low off the north west of Africa that is pulling air out of the med in a westerly direction. For us, this easterly wind is giving us a downwind sail hopefully all the way through Gibraltar and across to Lagos.

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Storm cloud

by Adrian 10th Sep 2010 - S Spain

Great photo of a squally storm cloud.

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Goodbye to our plank

by Adrian 9th Sep 2010 - S Spain

Before leaving Soller we said goodbye to an old friend – our ‘skanky plank’.

Originally ‘inherited’ from a dockside in Greece a couple of years back, this rather heavy and unwieldy scaffolding plank became our passerelle and boarding ladder in Greek ports and docksides.

Now we’re heading out of the Med we no longer needed it’s weight of clutter – so long.

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Where’s the wind gone??

by Adrian 7th Sep 2010 - destinations

So strange…

We set sail early this morning from our anchorage on the north coast of Menorca.

The winds have matched the forecast of S – SW F5-6 before coming around to the north so it has been a pretty lively but great sail on a beam and fine reach for the past 50 miles.

The sea has been moderate and quite choppy – so we’ve been wet a few times but have been making a cracking pace averaging 7-7.5 knts with 2 reefs all round.

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by Adrian 7th Sep 2010 - destinations

After leaving Mahon we sailed up and around the North East side of the island to find an anchorage that would give us shelter from the southerly winds.

We had two strange incidents we’ve never had before – a wrap on the genoa furling line whilst sailing downwind – which I manage to clear without too much of a problem and the mainsail suddenly falling down!

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Arrive at Mahon

by Adrian 4th Sep 2010 - destinations

We arrived at the harbour of Mahon in Menorca on Sunday morning. Pretty tired so slept on and off during the afternoon in between boat wash down and a few jobs. Managed a run in the evening to stretch the legs, which felt good.

We also picked up a free wifi connection via our long range wifi apparatus (that has a range of 3-4km) so able to catch up with emails, blog, work and weather.

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In the middle of nowhere

by Adrian 4th Sep 2010 - S Spain

Saturday afternoon and we’re in the middle of the med with the nearest land 130 miles away. Wind died last night so we’ve been motoring steadily at 6 knots in calm seas. Not much out here except the occasional ship, sun, sea and blueness…

We’re settling into our 3hr watch system – third night tonight. Sunset is around 2000, so it’s quite a long night.

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A hard day’s work

by Jax 4th Sep 2010 - destinations

Cap’n Adrian hard at work on passage to Menorca

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Popped to France to get shopping

by Adrian 3rd Sep 2010 - destinations

Strange day, we arrived in the anchorage in Sardinia, Italy about 0945 this morning, had a rest, breakfast, picked up emails and the weather and due to good conditions decided to push on to Menorca straight away.

We were a bit low on supplies having not had the opportunity to victual in Rome, so just after lunch we left our nice little bay and sailed across the Bonifaccio strait to Bonifaccio on Corsica.

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Boat delivery to the UK

by Adrian 1st Sep 2010 - destinations

Set off bright and early this morning to Rome. We’ve decided to return the boat back to the UK in order (we hope) to be able to sell it for more than we could in Europe.

If all goes well we’ll put it up for sale in Brighton this winter and next spring.

It’s a long way back, so it’s going to be quite a trip.

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