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Barcelona to Sardinia

by Adrian 7th Apr 2007 - destinations

Today we finally set off to Sardinia from our winter home just north of Barcelona. The weather is overcast, grey and a touch chilly. Since we arrivesd on tuesday we've been sitting it out waiting for the rain and high winds to stop before setting out.

The wind and rain has finally died down but now theres no wind at all and it looks as is we're going to have a very smooth trip, motorsailing probably al the way – which is a bit of a shame.

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Preparations for sailing

by Adrian 27th Mar 2007 - destinations

Spent much time recently searching the net for UK bike dealers that still have in stock a certain type of folding bike the same as the one we bought a few months back and took to the boat. The company (Dahon) have brought out a newer model which although looks a bit nicer, is 1/2kg heavier and £200 more expensive for effectively the same bike.

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Taking her out and cleaning her bottom

by Adrian 9th Mar 2007 - destinations

This week we've been to Barcelona to organise some pre-season maintenance on the boat. After sitting still in the marina for six months the bottom was starting to become fouled with weed, barnacles and all manner of sea-life just loving a nice place to live.


We had three days to have the boat hauled out of the water, cleaned, a new coat of anti-foul paint applied, the rope cutter fitted to the prop and then put back into the water.

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Pre-Christmas visit to Barcelona

by Adrian 17th Dec 2006 - destinations

This weekend we spent at the boat in Barcelona – mainly for Christmas shopping and to get a look around the city.

We were joined by Beck and Jason. Despite Beck having her wallet stolen on the first day we all had a great time, ate lots of great tapas and had a good explore around the city.

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by Adrian 31st Aug 2006 - destinations

A small spanner in the works… The marina we planned to go to and the one that said it had space turned out not to have any berths. This was a bit upsetting because a) it was cheap and b) it was the only marina out of over 10 along the Barcelona coastline we called that had any space for the winter.

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To Barcelona

by Adrian 31st Aug 2006 - destinations

Well, we've made it safely to Barcelona after an 'exciting' journey.

The gale did stay where predicted (which was good) but the seas were rougher than we had expected and the winds were quite constant at between 15 and 25 knots.

During daylight we had a good sail, picking our way through confused 3 to 4 metre swell.

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by Adrian 31st Aug 2006 - destinations

Well, its a good job we delayed our start until the afternoon as we rescued 2 young lads who were being washed out to sea in a pedalo. They set off from the beach past us at anchor and after messing about a bit in the bay, decided to head out, whereupon they were immediately caught in the current and wind and pushed out to sea.

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