Warm again

by Adrian 4th Jun 2007 - central med

Today we woke up to a different world. The rain had gone and the sun was out slowly warming the decks.

Instead of rushing off again we stayed in the anchorage all day and took the bikes to the land for a ride around the island of Caprera and then briefly back into town to get a few more provisions and buy an Italian SIM card (to reduce some of our mobile phone Internet bills). 

The temperature was back in the high 20's today so we motored off in the dingy to a small deserted beach to spend a little time sunbathing.

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Exploring and more bad weather

by Adrian 3rd Jun 2007 - central med

After a brief rest day where we caught up on a few maintenance jobs and victualling we spent the morning exploring the local islands by bike and then headed out in the afternoon to explore some of the renowned azure anchorages and coves.  

Around La Madellena, Sardinia.


Unfortunately it started pouring with rain, became quite chilly and reminded us more of UK summer sailing than the Med.

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Visiting crew and changing plans due to bad weather

by Adrian 2nd Jun 2007 - central med

For the past week we've had two friends, Rob and Beck staying with us on the boat. They flew into Alghero (north west Sardinia) and were flying out of Olbia (North east Sardinia) six days later.

We had a great plan, which involved a gentle introduction to sailing and cruising to initially nearby anchorages then gradually longer trips between various marinas and anchorages as we cruised around the northern Sardinian coast.

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Still in Alghero

by Adrian 14th Apr 2007 - central med

For the past 4 days we've been in the relatively calm port, surrounded by force 7 and 8 gales so have had no choice but to stay around and change our travel plans for returning home (we're flying back from the south of the island, and we're in the north). Its been quite relaxing though, and we've been out for bike rides, runs along the beach and had time to finish a few cleaning and maintenance jobs on the boat – and a lot of reading.

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Bit of a problem

by Adrian 11th Apr 2007 - central med

On the second day of our trip to Sardinia when it was getting dusk and the sun was setting I put on the navigation lights only to see the light on the control panel flicker, smell a faint burning smell and see the nav lights go out. This could be a bit of as disaster as without them our course and direction would not have been able to be identified correctly by other ships in the dark.

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by Adrian 11th Apr 2007 - central med

We’ve been in Alghero in North West Sardinia for two days now and plan to head off tomorrow morning to continue our journey south where we intend to leave the boat before heading home for a bit.

From our initial impressions, Sardinia is an interesting place. The people seem friendly and quite laid back and the countryside is beautiful.

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Arrived in Sardinia

by Adrian 10th Apr 2007 - central med

Arrived yesterday at sunrise in Sardinia tired but safe and sound.



Alghero from our marina


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