Too easy

by Jax 5th Sep 2014 - food
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Here’s one of the recipes from last weeks crossing:

When people are impressed with the food that you make for them you don’t really want to let them in on the fact that it was actually a doodle to make as they will discover just what a lazy fraud you are…However, as the recipe in question is not exactly a big secret, I guess it’s only fair to share.

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TTFN to our crew…

by Jax 2nd Sep 2014 - equipment

Last night we said ‘hasta la vista’ to our crew, but not before Steve the expert diver volunteered (was coerced?!) into donning Adrian’s wetsuit (which I think he’s had since he was at college!) and jumping into the marina to have a quick look under the boat.

ScubaSteve 3

The point of this exercise was to check the hull was clean which it should be if the ultrasonic anti-fouling is being effective.

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by Jax 2nd Sep 2014 - liked

Crew 1

It looks as though Cap’n Geek didn’t get the memo about what colour shorts to wear for the team photoshoot, but here’s a couple of pictures of us looking (reasonably) smart in our new ‘Vagaris’ t-shirts.

The shirts were printed by a Southampton based company called Team Purple. They have some great quality gear available to customise from brands Musto, Henri Lloyd, Gill and Slam.

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Las Palmas first impressions

by Jax 1st Sep 2014 - destinations

Unlike many marinas we have visited of late where traffic passes through and locals keep their boats to use on weekends and holidays, Las Palmas Marina is a real community, taking living aboard to another level.


The boats are invariably older, but predominantly ocean going (either just returned or allegedly heading out, though don’t be surprised if they stay here for another year…) and kitted out with extensive long distance cruising equipment – wind vanes, solar panels, fuel canisters on deck, bicycles etc.

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The Vagaris / Allures / ARC ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

by Adrian 31st Aug 2014 - Events
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We’ve just arrived in Las Palmas in preparation for crossing the Atlantic in a couple of months with World Cruising Club’s ARC Rally.

What should we do with the dinghy before packing it away? My nephew sent me the challenge from Finland by having his two young boys douse themselves in cold water. Could we do any better?

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Lagos to Las Palmas

by Jax 30th Aug 2014 - Portugal
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Not one.

That’s how many other yachts we saw on passage to the Canaries.

We didn’t see much wildlife either, a couple of dolphins on the first afternoon, a few sea birds and a couple of random small squid that we found on deck. We didn’t know how long the squid had been there so we thought it best not to eat them – shame.

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Man Overboard practice with a real man!

by Jax 24th Aug 2014 - Portugal
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Although they have sailed with us from Brighton to Chichester, Lymington and Cherbourg, with our crew still reasonably new to our boat, we thought it would be prudent to spend some time trying out some different sails and familiarising ourselves with certain procedures without having the pressure of having to cover lots of miles in a day.

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Introducing the crew

by Jax 23rd Aug 2014 - liked

We are very happy to have our very able crew Katherine and Steve Jones aboard for the Lagos – Las Palmas leg.


Katherine and Steve have plans for their own circumnavigation in the future, meantime they are very happy to learn from our discoveries on this trip (our mistakes as well as our successes I imagine!).

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Lovely Lagos

by Jax 20th Aug 2014 - liked

It might be the miles of long sandy beach, it might be the weather – beautifully warm, but not stifling, it might be the wealth of cocktails on offer, it might be the delicious fish and seafood, it might just be the friendly, well run marina….whatever the highlight, it’s always enjoyable to visit Lagos.


On our first night in town on this visit we popped out for dinner and a few drinks.

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Autohelms and power decisions …

by Adrian 14th Aug 2014 - equipment

We’re currently at anchor in Sines and nearly around the bottom corner of Portugal.

Sines, Portugal

Next stop tomorrow is Lagos on the Algarve which is where we finish this leg of the journey south and I head back to the UK for a week before it’s back to do the next bit across to the Canaries. That’ll be fun as it’s quite different and very offshore!

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