Autohelms and power decisions …

by Adrian 14th Aug 2014 - equipment

We’re currently at anchor in Sines and nearly around the bottom corner of Portugal.

Sines, Portugal

Next stop tomorrow is Lagos on the Algarve which is where we finish this leg of the journey south and I head back to the UK for a week before it’s back to do the next bit across to the Canaries. That’ll be fun as it’s quite different and very offshore!

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The rain in Spain…

by Adrian 8th Aug 2014 - places

We are sitting in a peaceful anchorage in the Ría de Muros, the northernmost of the Rías Baixas, just a short distance off a beautiful beach in only a few metres of clear water….the only thing wrong with this picture perfect scenario is that the view of the beach is obscured by a heavy curtain of rain and we are confined to below decks listening to the sound of the rain drumming down on the coach roof


The rain in Spain, it would appear, falls mostly on Galicia.

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Every cloud has an adhesive lining…

by Adrian 15th Jul 2014 - equipment

Strange that it may sound, but this stuff is on my recommended supplies list…

20140715-195857-71937713.jpgAdhesive lined heatshrink is rubberised plastic tubing that not only shrinks around an object when heated but the adhesive lining melts to form a watertight seal.

Traditionally used to cover and seal electrical cable joins and cable ends from moisture ingress, I carry a variety of diameters and colours on board for all kinds of protection jobs.

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Hey, Mr Zamburiña man…

by Jax 14th Jul 2014 - atlantic europe

Last time I was in A Coruña (to give it its proper Galician name) I ate something called ‘zamburiñas’ without knowing – apart from them being some sort of seafood thing – what they were…whatever they were I thought they were delicious.
Zamburinas 092
In other parts of Spain, I have come across them in tins – obviously not the same experience.

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Recommended Kickstarter Project

by Adrian 14th Jul 2014 - Recommended Stuff

A year ago I backed the development of the original Smartphone wind meter from these guys…

Vaavud Wind Meter 2

It is a great little device that plugs into my iPhone’s headphone socket and tells me the wind speed. It is really accurate and a useful portable backup anemometer.

Well, now they’re expanding and have a 2nd generation design which not only determines the wind speed, but also via some very clever trickery, the wind direction also.

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Across Biscay to Spanish shores

by Jax 12th Jul 2014 - liked

As the geek already mentioned the Îles de Glénan was our last stop in Brittany. According to the pilot book they are “as close to the Caribbean as you can get in south Brittany…” I’m not sure how much competition there is for that title, but I’m hoping that the water in the Caribbean will be a little warmer than 20°C…

Glenan Beach

The Îles de Glénan if you don’t know are also home to the renown French sailing school of the same name which: interesting fact no.2 from the pilot book, was founded by two former members of the resistance.

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Iles de Glenan

by Adrian 9th Jul 2014 - N France

We’re currently sitting in a small group of Islands 10 miles off the south Brittany coast. The sun is out and all is quite lovely.


Tomorrow we set sail across Biscay for A Coruña, Northern Spain. It’s a 300 mile offshore trip, and should take just 48 hours. The weather looks good, with nothing extreme on the horizon.

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The importance of knowing what’s normal…

by Adrian 9th Jul 2014 - equipment

Since we departed the UK a week ago we’ve been making a special effort to try out and test everything onboard that we’re going to rely on from now on. This has meant living off grid as much as possible, charging batteries from renewables and the generator, making all our own water and generally relying on the systems I’ve installed and prepared over the last couple of years.

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To Concarneau

by Jax 9th Jul 2014 - N France

After sitting out two rainy days at anchor in Camaret it was more than time to move on – and having tweaked the nose of the Chenal du Four a couple of days ago, we pulled the tail of its partner in crime the Raz de Sein.


Again, with the right tides and reasonably calm weather this fearsome stretch of water didn’t cause us the problems its reputation threatens, but we’d treated both with a healthy amount of respect.

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Le Chenal du Four

by Jax 4th Jul 2014 - N France

Our need to make an unscheduled stop further east than planned meant we had a long way to go to make it round the Finisterre before the predicted south westerlies set in for a few days.

Le Four LighthouseA 90 mile day was further complicated by the need to meet the south going tide through the infamous Chenal du Four.

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